We are what we repeatedly do. And, in this series, we dig into some things we can do that make every other part of our life better.

Habit #4

Everyone has been shaped by their relationships. Your relationship decisions are the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your life. So how can we choose our relationships carefully?

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Habit #3

Many people are out of alignment in their lives. Too often there's competition for our time and attention and we divert to spending time on the wrong things. So how can we keep our lives aligned with our purpose?

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Habit #2

After learning to put God first, this week we discover how powerful our thoughts are. We will never change our lives unless we change the way we think. So what makes our thoughts so powerful?

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Habit #1

Why is it that we have uphill hopes but downhill habits? Real change is often challenging. So what motivates us to take this uphill journey?

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