The Book of Daniel

This series is designed to help equip you to live a greater story. All of us can live life by default or by design and our prayer for you during this series is that you will catch a vision for living a life by design–live a greater story. It’s clear that culture is shifting all around us. As Christians, how can we live Godly in an ungodly age? Daniel and the Israelites faced this same challenge during the Babylonian exile. The book of Daniel reveals to us principles that help us remain steady, even as culture around us changes.

The Book of Daniel: Visions of the End

God gave Daniel the ability to look into the future and gave him visions of the end. It's remarkable all that has already occurred, and what about all the things yet to come? And, how should we live in light of these truths? 

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The Book of Daniel: Handwriting on the Wall

In Daniel 5, we find Nebuchadnezzar's son Belshazzar dishonoring God. God sends him a message with Handwriting on the Wall. In this message, we see that we often forget our days are numbered, get out of balance or simply ignore the signs that we are drifting away from God.

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The Book of Daniel: Insane in the Brain

In Daniel 4, we find a King Nebuchadnezzar filled with pride. And, we see the fruitlessness of his pride, because at the end of the day, God is in control.

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The Book of Daniel: Culture’s Great Test

The reality is, culture’s biggest test for any of us will be who you will not worship and who you will worship. In our pursuit of God, we are challenged to have a singular focus on God.

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The Book of Daniel: The Power of God

This message addresses the need for God’s Power and control in our lives.

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The Book of Daniel: A New Name

Chapter 1 Introduces a basic tension. Daniel and his friends are recruited as Jews to serve a foreign government. The primary pressure in chapter 1 is a pressure we all face. It’s the pressure to give up our identity. As Christ followers, how do we live godly lives in an ungodly age? Find out more in this message...

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