Luke: Good News for Everyone

Who doesn’t need some good news? From our favorite feel-good movies to our favorite comfort food, we all crave things that remind us of something good in the world. This is a true story of the life and good news of Jesus coming into the world and offering good news for everyone.

Luke 10: 1-8

Jesus calls us to join the harvest this week. We will learn some keys to how to share your faith by looking for Persons of Peace along with seeing that God does the work.

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Luke 9: 10-17

When we look out into our community, what do we see? Do we see opportunity? Do we see impossibility? What do we see? A crowd of people? How may God be calling us to share His love with them? Find out more in this message.

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Luke 8: 22-25

What would cause you to move from fear into faith? The storms we face in our lives as hard as they are, provide for us an opportunity to gain a deeper revelation of who Jesus is. Find out more in today's message.

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Luke 7: 18-28

Do we sometimes deal with Faith doubt? Listen to Pastor Lee discuss Luke 7 in this weeks message.

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Luke 6: 46-49

Storms in life? Jesus has good news for you. Listen to what may be a surprising solution.

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Luke 6: 12-19

What hurts, habits or hangups do you have? Have you held on to them? Find out how an unlikely group showed up for some good news about their life in this message.

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Luke 5: Get the Nets Ready

Sometimes we feel as though nothing can fill our nets.  In Luke 5, the professional fishermen can't seem to catch a thing. Sometimes, all it takes is a little faith in Jesus. Let’s listen and learn how Jesus filled their nets until they were overflowing.

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Luke 4: 1-13

We all face temptation and in Luke 4, the Devil tempts Jesus with three types of temptations. Most of all of us are probably struggling with at least one of these. Let’s look to how Jesus overcame them through Scripture.

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Luke 3:21-22

This week we talked about the Baptism of Jesus and the implications for our lives by reflecting on who God is through Acceptance, Affection, and Affirmation.

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