God Is…

The God Is… series traces the big themes of Scripture along the storyline of the Bible in an accessible way. The purpose of this series is not to simply inform you of the basic truths about God, but to challenge you to live out your faith in life and practice.

Father’s Day 2018

While we covered a brief devotional thought regarding communion today, we had a less traditional message today, that we think your friends and family members may enjoy hearing about. God bless you as you lean in to learn from 3 men who love Jesus and love their families well. 

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God is in Covenant.

God wants a relationship with us. Throughout the Bible, He has had several covenants with men like Abram, Noah, Moses and David. Now, we live under the New Covenant through Jesus. In this message we find out some significant changes that come into our relationships, identity, and obedience as the result of the New Covenant. 

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God is Just.

We recognize things aren’t as they should be. Wars, world hunger, human slavery, death and disease.  All of these things are wrong with the world. And, in our heart of hearts, we want things to be made right. We want justice. Can we trust that God is Just? Find out why God is Just in this sixth part of the God is series.

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God is Creator.

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”. That’s the opening line of Genesis. But how old is the earth? Where did everything come from? And are we all just evolved beings from a totally different species? The doctrine of creation is a big topic for debate among Christians and non-Christians alike.

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God is love.

We have been in this series “God is . . .” looking at who God is, what He is really like, and in this message, we learn that God is love. This isn’t a hidden idea in scripture. The Bible actually lays it out quite plainly all throughout the scriptures.

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God is speaking.

This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but God is speaking to you right now. Maybe not in the same way He did when He spoke creation into existence. Or when he instructed his disciples on the hillside. But be assured, His voice can still be heard. Find out how in this message.

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God is Trinity.

We all have a view of God that may or may not be true. If we have a faulty view of God that means that we absolutely suffer in every way because we lack a correct understanding of what God is like, and subsequently, what we are to be like. 

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God is knowable.

Some people say we cannot know God himself, but that we can only know facts about him. Is this true? Find out more in the first part of God is...

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