First: The order is important . . .

Who doesn’t love a fresh start? New Year’s Day, the first of the month, or the dawn of a new day… how do we use firsts like these to get our hearts and our priorities in line with God? Join us as we find out what to do First. Because, the order is important. This series is centered on priorities and how to get our time and lives in order. God is a God of order. It’s where things fit in our lives that determine whether we are success or not.

Big Bucks

We will revisit Luke 16 story, and will see how relational priority is more important than financial capital. Jesus encourages us to recognize the relative value of each priority and invest wisely. We will also see how wisdom plays a part in this whole order of priorities as well.

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5 Priorities

Building on the message of the parable of the talents, we believe there are five capitals from Heaven available to us and that the order matters. If we keep them in the right order, grow them and give them away, we will experience a maximum return on these investments and the potential to truly find "life to the fullest".

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