Closer is really a series about drawing close to the heart of God in worship. What would it look like if we worshipped instead of worried? What if we pursued God with passion? How different would our lives look as we draw close to God?  How different would Lakeway look?

Turning Work Into Worship

SFor us in Lakeway and Bee Cave, we sometimes value our work in time and energy to the point that we worship our work instead of worshipping God through our work. What if we did all of our work as an act of worship?

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Made to Worship

We are all worshipping something. It really boils down to what we love. We all have loves in our life. They are in our calendar. They are in our checkbook. They are in our priorities. We all love something. And, that is completely natural. Find out why in this message. 

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Turning Worry into Worship // Lee Rutter

Do you ever worry? What is the difference between worry and concern? And, how can I overcome those worrisome thoughts that seem to sneak into my heart and mind? Find out all of that and more in this important message.

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