The Book of Acts is the only book of the New Testament which deals with the history of the earliest church. Authored by Luke the Physician and traveling companion of Paul, Luke takes us on a journey of discovery, in this book we discover how the New Covenant sealed by the Holy Spirit empowers his early church and as we will learn continues to empower his Church today. Acts also, like every book of the Bible, point us to Jesus and all he continues to do and teach through the Church.

Acts 8 – The Deacon, The Magician and The Eunuch

This Sunday we spent some time looking at Acts 8 and in particular Philips's encounter with, Simon the Magician & The Ethiopian Eunuch.

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Acts 6 & 7

This week in Acts we learn some key lessons from the first Martyr, Stephen and how what in the natural seems to be a tragedy turns out to be a triumph for the Gospel.

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Acts Chapter 5: The Greats

When the Holy Spirit is working in the church there will be great power, grace, generosity, fear, and joy!

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Acts 4

The key application from Acts chapter 4 is how the early Church prayed for boldness, not comfort or less persecution but boldness. To what end? So that they could declare the Gospel without fear or favor.

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The Lame Are Healed

We are continuing our series on the book of Acts. As we look at the man who was lame from birth, we see that we were all that man. We need what only Jesus can give.

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This Sunday we kicked off our series on the Book Of Acts, Join us as Marco takes us through Pentecost and how Pentecost fulfills what Jesus promised in Acts 1:8 i.e. we need the power that only the Holy Spirit can provide to be truly effective witnesses in our Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria and the ends of the earth.

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