There is no "they" at The Church at Lake Travis. It's just you and me, and other regular folks from our community seeking God. And when we all set our eyes and hearts on the direction God wants us to run, the results are extraordinary. WE ARE CLT.

We Are Living in Community
9/4/16, Pastor Jeremy Self

The larger we grow as a church it becomes even more important to gather in smaller communities where we grow spiritually. Check out what House Church is all about in this message.

We Are The Church
8/28/16, Pastor Alex Alexander

Church is more than just a building, a place or an event: it's a group of people - a tribe - a local body of believers through which God uses to affect and influence our community and the world. 

We Are Priests
8/21/16, Pastor Lee Rutter

It takes more than the pastors and the paid staff to accomplish the work of the church. Scripture says that we are ALL priests and that everyone must do their part for the church to funtion properly.

We Are Radical Givers
8/14/16, Pastor Jeremy Self

In this message, we address the issue of supporting the mission of CLT through our tithes and offerings by answering questions like; What is a tithe? When should I give? How much should I give?