Upside-Down Christmas

In the series, we look at the birth of Christ in the book of Matthew. Matthew’s account of Jesus’ birth is, by all accounts, messy. He makes no effort to hide the painful and tumultuous aspects of the Christmas story. In the process, he turns many of our expectations about God, about Jesus, and about Christmas totally upside-down.

Week 3 // Wisdom from the Wise Men
12/18/16 //  Pastor Jeremy Self

The wisdom of the world can be misleading at times. Interstingly, through the "wise men' in Matthew 2, we find the wisdom of the world turned upside down.

Week 2 // Why Following Jesus is Difficult
12/11/16 //  Pastor Lee Rutter

In this message, we take a look at the life of Joseph in Matthew 1:18-25, and discover a pattern for following Jesus. Joseph is not just an inspiring figure from the past, but a compelling example for the present.

Week 1 // Jesus' Family Tree
12/4/16 //  Pastor Alex Alexander

In this message, we unpack Matthew 1:1-17, and discover that everything we need to know about Jesus can be found by taking an in-depth look at his family tree.