Songs Of Ascent

Psalms 120-134 are known as the Songs of Ascents. These are songs that the Israelites likely sang together on their way to Jerusalem each year for the annual festivals. They are rich in spiritual treasures as they help us to worship and grow in our walk with God.

Week 9 / Psalm 134
7/24/16, Pastor Alex Alexander

In the Old Testament, the people of God would journey to Jerusalem 3 times a year to worship God. But, when Jesus comes on the scene in the New Testament, he begins to challenge old ways of thinking and establishes a new model for worship.

Week 8 / Psalm 131
7/17/16, Pastor Lee Rutter

In Psalm 131 the psalmist, King David, gives us a strong warning against arrogance by mentioning three levels through which we should filter such pride: feelings, appearances and actions.

Week 7 / Psalm 130
7/10/16, Pastor Jeremy Self

Psalm 130 contains this beautiful promise: "For with the Lord there is steadfast love, and with him is plentiful redemption."  What a great comfort to know that despite our mistakes, we have a Redeemer whose love is steadfast.

Week 6 / Psalm 128
6/19/16, Pastor Alex Alexander

In this Father's Day message, we take a look at the 5 Blessings of a Father (your work, your wife, your children, your community and your grandchildren). These blessings are based on the presuppostion that we fear the Lord and walk in His ways.

Week 5 / Psalm 126
6/12/16, Pastor Lee Rutter

In life, really any given day, we often experience a full swing of emotions. One minute we are up, and the next we are down. In Psalm 126 we learn that a vast array of emotions is at the heart of the Christian experience.

Week 3 / Psalm 124
5/15/16, Pastor Jeremy Self

Have you ever felt like the circumstances of life were caving in on you? King David certainly did. The people of Israel sure did. And they sang songs recounting God's faithfulness in the midst of those circumstances to help get them through. 

Week 2 / Psalm 127
5/8/16, Pastor Lee Rutter

This Psalm reminds us of life’s basic values: a right relationship with our Creator, meaningful work to do, a happy marriage, and the blessing of children. These are the basic values that make for a blessed and happy life. 

Week 1 / Psalms 120-122
5/1/16, Pastor Alex Alexander

In this introductory message, we learn the history and background behind this collection of Psalms known as the Songs of Ascent.