Make Believe

Sometimes Christianity seems unbelievable — people raised from the dead, miraculous healings, virgin birth, living forever. Are Christians living in a fairy tale or do they have a reason for things they believe? This series explores why these beliefs not only make sense but are essential to a meaningful life.

Week 4 // Why the Trinity?
5/7/17 // Jeremy Self

Many people would say there is one God. And, what makes Christianity particularly unique is the idea that God is one and reveals himself in three distinct persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). In this message, we find out the reason why God would do that? And, we find a super practical way to apply this message this week. 

Week 3 // Is Jesus really necessary for salvation?
4/30/17 // Lee Rutter

Salvation is a big word and it is important to know what we are saved from and what we are saved to. It's also important to remember that Jesus' claim is a beautiful claim. Learn more in this message as we continue to tackle these difficult questions of faith and life. 

Week 2 // Is the Bible Reliable?
4/23/17 // Jeremy Self

For 1000's of years the Bible has been preserved and maintained in unique ways. Find out how in this message...

Week 1 // Believe in the Resurrection 
4/16/17 // Jeremy Self

Most everyone would agree that Jesus was a good teacher. And, it's easy to appreciate His teachings until scripture tells us He rose from the dead. In this message we explore why the Resurrection of Jesus is believeable.