Kingdomnomics: What God Wants For You

For years, people have said, “All the church wants is your money.” But, what if that’s not true at all? What if the church really wants what God wants for you? In this 4 weeks series we discover some economic lessons we truly can’t afford to miss.

Week 4 // Panel Discussion

Due to the nature of our panel discussion during the service, this week's message will not be available for streaming. 

Week 3 // The Gospel and Giving
1/18/15 // Alex Alexander

In this message we explore the interconnectedness of the Gospel (the good news) and giving financially. When we understand and accept the free gift of salvation the question of "How much should I give?", becomes "How much should I keep?"

Week 2 // Act Your Wage
1/11/15 // Lee Rutter

This message explores what the Bible says about personal debt and living within our means. This is solid information for all who struggle with their finances, or just need a refresher.

Week 1 // Opening The Books
1/4/15 // Jeremy Self

If you were doing a audit on a company, you’d need to open their books to discover their financial health. In this message we open God’s book to see what He has to say about personal economics.