James: A Faith That Works

James, the younger brother of Jesus, went from unbelieving skeptic to die hard believer and became one of the most influential pastors of his day. This oft-quoted book of the New Testament has a great deal to say about stepping up, stepping out, and living with the courage that can only come from knowing Jesus.

Week 12 // James 5:13-20
12/6/15 // Pastor Lee Rutter

There’s only so much you can put in a load before it becomes too heavy to carry. Life is like that. We can choose to carry our burdens and the burdens of others, but Jesus reminds us that if we take them to him, he’ll carry it for us.

Week 11 // James 5:7-12
11/22/15 // Pastor Jeremy Self

In times of suffering, believers are to endure with patience and steadfastness, keeping their eyes set on the Lord. He is compassionate and merciful to His children in every circumstance, and has something planned for us in the end that is better than we can imagine.

Week 10 // James 5:1-6
11/15/15 // Pastor Alex Alexander

The ungodly rich have abandoned Jesus’ instructions, and now James has some strong words for them. This sermon examines how individuals become the type of people James rebukes and what happens to their understanding of stewardship and their view of God.

Week 9 // James 4:13-17
11/8/15 // Pastor Lee Rutter

When it comes to faith and works, one of the difficult issues for every Christ-follower is to carry ourselves with humility. Pastor James cautions us against boasting and arrogance and challenges us to be humble.

Week 8 // James 4:1-12
11/1/15 // Pastor Jeremy Self

Conflict happens, and according to Pastor James, this is just part of being sinners in a fallen world. But, he says, conflict need not be worldly—we can engage in a kind that’s godly.

Week 7 // James 3:13-18
10/25/15 // Pastor Alex Alexander

James describes for us two kinds of wisdom: true and false. While they may both be called “wisdom”, they are completely different in motivation, nature and reward. One is a true wisdom that has a lasting reward and the other is folly disguised as wisdom that disappoints in the end.

Week 6 // James 3:1-12
10/18/15 // Pastor Lee Rutter

Both the book of Proverbs and our Lord Jesus spoke with clarity about the nature and use of the tongue. James walks in their footprints. Much of what he says is a powerful exposé of the thin line between blessing and cursing.

Week 5 // James 2:14-26
10/11/15 // Pastor Jeremy Self

Having a dynamic faith is like rowing a canoe - it takes both faith and works - moving together in tandem. This sermon discusses the issue of faith vs. works and tackles the alleged contradiction between James’ and Paul’s definition of faith.

Week 4 // James 2:1-13
10/4/15 // Pastor Alex Alexander

What if church functioned like a sporting event—where you sat depended on the price you paid? In James’ day, a similar situation forced him to challenge the church’s preference for the rich, who were oppressing the poor. The underlying issue was favoritism. Through James, God commands us to treat everyone the same.

Week 3 // James 1:19-27
9/20/15 // Pastor Lee Rutter

Christianity is the Christian following in the footsteps of Christ: knowing the word of God and doing it. It’s not that knowing the word is bad and doing the word of God is good; rather, knowing the word without doing the word is bad, and so is doing the word without knowing it. Like pedals on a bike, they require the other in order to work.

Week 2 // James 1:2-18
9/13/15 // Pastor Jeremy Self

Every time God provides an opportunity, Satan brings opposition. This is why, for those who follow Jesus, things are bound to get harder, not easier. But by the grace of God, you can fight, persevere, and emerge victorious because, as the Bible says, no temptation will come to you that you can’t beat.

Week 1 // James 1:1
9/6/15 // Pastor Alex Alexander

Although they were brothers, James had a difficult time accepting that Jesus was the Messiah. It wasn’t until after Jesus’ death and resurrection that James had a change of heart and moved from unbelief to belief.