The Heart of Christmas

Most everyone knows that the heart of Christmas is about the incarnation of Christ - God coming to earth and the Word becoming flesh. But, what practical implications does this have for us some 2000 years later? If we believe that Jesus is Lord, then what must be at the heart of all we do this Christmas season?

A Heart on Mission
12/21/14, Lee Rutter

Simply put, the Savior was born to die. From the cradle, God's plan was the cross. God had a mission for Jesus to fulfill and he has a mission for his followers to fulfill as well. 

A Heart in Community
12/14/14, Alex Alexander

One of the greatest gifts we recieve as a result of the Christmas story and Immanuel (God with us), is the gift of fellowship with God and each other. Discover what it means to have a heart in community.

A Heart of Worship
12/7/14, Jeremy Self

When Jesus was born, the angels worshipped and the magi brought gifts of worship to present to Jesus. As a church, will we worship and bring our best to God this Christmas?