Be Contagious

Communicating our faith in Jesus should be the most natural thing in the world. But why does it seem so hard? How can we develop a contagious Christian character, build spiritually strategic relationships, direct our conversations toward matters of faith, and share biblical truths in everyday language? Listen in as we learn to Be Contagious.

Easter Sunday // God's Contagious Love
3/27/16 // Pastor Lee Rutter

Nothing demonstrates God's contagious love for us more than sending His only son, Jesus, to die for us - bridging the gap between God and man. As a result, whoever believe this, has eternal life.

Week 5 // A Contagious Message
3/20/16 // Pastor Alex Alexander

So many Christians have gotten the mistaken idea that the goal of sharing the gospel is to just tell as many people as we can about Jesus. But the goal is not merely to TELL people about Christ - it’s to LEAD people to Him. We do this by "Going for the ask."  MESSAGE NOTES

Week 4 // Contagious Stories
3/13/16 // Pastor Jeremy Self

All good stories have a beginning, middle and ending. Your story as a Christ-follower has a similar rhythm: your life before Christ, how you met Christ, and your life after having been saved. Listen to learn the Biblical basis for this flow from Acts 26.

Week 3 // Contagious Relationships
3/6/16 // Pastor Lee Rutter 

The fact is, all of us experience discomfort when someone outside our circle of friends tries to influence us about personal, significant matters. We all naturally gravitate toward people we already know and trust. Thus, cultivating a relationship with others is imperative before we share the gospel.

Week 2 // Contagious Lives
2/28/16 // Pastor Alex Alexander 

As Christ followers, it's important that we live out our faith in such a way that proves to non-believers that we have the disease ourselves. In other words, before we Share the Good News, we have to Be the Good News. 

Week 1 // Contagious Motives
2/21/16 // Pastor Jeremy Self

If our goal is to Be Contagious in spreading the "good news' of Jesus Christ, it's important to first understand WHY we do it. This sermon answers the question, "What is our motivation for sharing the Gospel?"