In the life of every organization, there is a time to come of reveal the surface. NOW is our time. As we surface in the communityl, what will we be about?

Series Update: Worship + Community + Mission
4/13/14, Jeremy Self

As we prepare to relocate to Lake Travis High School, we need to be reminded of why we exist: to worship God, to do life together in community, and to be on mission.  

Series Update: How the Church Multiplies
4/6/14, Alex Alexander

As we prepare to relocate to Lake Travis High School, we need a solid understanding of healthy Gospel multiplication.  The first 5 minutes prior to the sermon includes an important update on the details of our relocation.

Week 4: Multiplication
9/1/13, Alex Alexander

At CLT we believe that the Church by its very nature and design should grow. A healthy church grows through a balance of worship, community and mission - AND by sharing the Gospel with others.

Week 3: Mission
8/25/13, Jeremy Self

Our motivation for missions and serving is founded on the gospel. This message also includes a brief interview with Pastor Mario Freitas with More International Ministries.

Week 2: Community
8/18/13, Alex Alexander

At CLT we desire to have relationships with each other, and to do life together, on a level deeper than the surface. This is what we call Community.

Week 1: Worship
8/11/13, Jeremy Self

In the first message in the Surfacing series we discovered how, by God's design, there are many postures that are appropriate for worship.  God desires our worship.