King Of Kings

Kings is a story that involves the sinfulness of kings and the people they represent. It is a story of a sad reversal, and the need for another King, the ultimate Son of David. In Genesis, a promise was made to Abraham saying, “Kings will come from you”. God kept his promise, and sent forth the king to end all kings, Jesus.

Week 10 // 1 Kings 21
11/16/14 // Alex Alexander

In the story of Naboth's vineyard, we explore what it is like to suffer injustice, what it costs to be obedient, and how by God's scandalous grace we can be made right with God.

Week 9 // 1 Kings 19
11/9/14 // Jeremy Self

Life can sometimes weigh us down. As we continue the story of Elijah, we observe that he reaches a low point in his ministry by actually begging God to take his life. In this message we explore some practical ways that God deals with burnout.

Week 8 // 1 Kings 18
11/2/14 // Lee Rutter

There is much we can learn from the prophet Elijah about having a strong prayer life. In this message we explore what it means to pray expectantly, with perseverance, and righteously.

Week 7 // 1 Kings 17
10/26/14 // Alex Alexander

We’ve all had people speak into our lives at one time or another. In this message we look at the prophet Elijah speaking a confrontational word to King Ahab, and discover that Jesus didn’t come to speak into our lives, but to speak life into us.

Week 6 // 1 Kings 14:21-16
10/12/14 // Jeremy Self

Spiritual leadership is moving people onto God's agenda. Discover how to lead spiritually in this generation.

Week 5 // 1 Kings 12-14:20
10/5/14 // Lee Rutter

Jeroboam is initially seen as a new Moses, however, he quickly goes from being a Moses figure to being an Aaron Figure who leads people out of slavery into idolatry! The Nation needs an Obedient, Wise King who comes as a Servant to Lighten the Yoke of His people and leads them in to True Worship. 

Week 4 // 1 Kings 9:9-11
9/28/14 // Alex Alexander

Like Solomon, we must learn how to responsibly steward God’s gifts. We have a sinful tendency to take good things and use them wrongly. We study his life in order that we may avoid his sins, and to marvel at the One greater than Solomon.

Week 3 // 1 Kings 6-9:9
9/21/14 // Jeremy Self

We all worship something or someone. The question each of us have to answer to determine who or what you worship is: What has the most value in your life at this particular moment?

Week 2 // 1 Kings 3-5
9/14/14 // Lee Rutter

If you could ask God for anything, what would you ask for? Money? Fame? Health? In this message we see that Solomon asked God for something he could not obtain on his own: wisdom.

Week 1 // 1 Kings 1-2
9/7/14 // Alex Alexander

In the opening chapters of Kings, we see the death of King David and how Solomon’s reign was established. The right king is appointed to the throne, even though some questionable actions were taken.