Heroes of the Faith

This 9 week series introduces us to an impressive list of characters from the Old Testament - remarkable men and women whose stories stand out to encourage and challenge our faith.

Week 9 // Jesus
6/29/14 // Lee Rutter

While there are many men and women in the Old Tesatment who can be considered a "hero of the faith", their lives in many ways point to the one true hero of the faith - Jesus. 

Week 8 // Esther
6/22/14 // Alex Alexander

The story of Esther reads like a daytime soap opera as it is thick with drama and intrigue. In this message we discover two great principles that give hope to those who struggle with sin.

Week 7 // David
6/15/14 // Jeremy Self

David was a man of contrasts: he was single-mindedly committed to God, yet guilty of some serious sins. Despite all of his shortcomings, he was stilled called "a man after God's own heart." 

Week 6 // Ruth
6/8/14 // Alex Alexander

The story of Ruth is more than just a little love story tucked in the pages of the Old Testament. It points us to Jesus Christ and the grand story of God redeeming a people for Himself. Our apologies as the audio is a bit distorted.

Week 5 // Samson
6/1/14 // Jeremy Self

In one of Israel's darkest times in history, God sends Samson to represent his people. Samson reveals something we all can identify with. 

Week 4 // Moses
5/25/14 // Alex Alexander

When God called Moses to deliver the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage, he made some pretty lame excuses as to why he wasn't the man for the job. We really are no different.

Week 3 // Jacob
5/18/14 // Jeremy Self

In this message we wrestle with the question: Is Jacob greater than Jesus? Listen to discover more about the life of Jacob.

Week 2 // Abraham
5/11/14 // Alex Alexander

In this message we explore the story of Abraham from Genesis 12 & 15 and the unconditonal call and unconditional promise God made with him.

Week 1 // Noah
5/4/14 // Jeremy Self

Take a journey with Noah into one of the darkest times in human history and discover a truth that will change your life... God always provides a way of rescue.