When we look at the life of Jesus, we see that He was on a mission to make disciples. He did this in several different ways; teaching people by the hundreds, living together with dozens, and teaching people one-on-one.

A disciple is someone who loves, follows, and joins Jesus on His mission. As Christ-followers, our purpose in life is to not only BE a disciple but to MAKE disciples like He did. Jesus did a great job at this, so we want to follow His example of how to make disciples. At CLT, we make disciples following Jesus’ model; we teach people by the hundreds in our Sunday gatherings; we live life together by the dozens in House Church, and we mentor people one-on-one through Intentional Discipleship and Foundations Workshops. 


Foundations workshops are designed to teach Christ-followers how to live out the gospel in foundational areas of life. They are typically one-day (sometimes multiple week) events applied in a group setting. FOUNDATIONS workshops rotate throughout the year on Saturday mornings from 9AM-12PM, and each class is distinct in its length.

FOUNDATIONS workshops cover life changing biblical theology and how to apply God's Word to everyday life. Topics include: Doctrine, Apologetics, Marriage, Finances and Parenting.  

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If a disciple is a devoted follower of Christ, then discipleship is people leading people as they follow Christ. Our Intentional Discipleship program is an opportunity to walk one-on-one in a mentoring relationship with a qualified mentor. A person who is more mature in their relationship with Christ commits to walk together with a person who desires to be led, loved, and to learn from someone who is further down the road of faith. 

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