CHANGED: Personal Encounters with Jesus

Throughout the Gospel's we read accounts of person after person who experience a personal encounter with Jesus, and whose lives are dramatically changed as a result. Bottom line: Your life will be forever changed after you encounter Jesus.

Week 4: Jesus and a Demon Possessed Man
03/23/14, Jeremy Self

For many people a deranged wild man who lived in a cemetery would be someone to avoid. Instead of ignoring the man’s suffering, Jesus saw beyond the man’s outward condition and changed his life forever.

Week 3: Jesus and Zaccheus
03/16/14, Alex Alexander

The Lord seeks us far more intensely than we seek Him. He is the ultimate pursuer. Our job is only to say yes to Him. He is calling your name, as He did with Zacchaeus, and He offers you an invitation. Your part is to welcome Him and receive Him.

Week 2: Jesus and the Woman at the Well
03/09/14, Special Guest: Billy Suess

Our human tendency is to judge others because of stereotypes, customs or prejudices. In this story from John 4, we observe that Jesus treats people as individuals, accepting them with love and compassion.

Week One: Jesus snd the First Disciples
03/02/14, Alex Alexander

The first thing we discover as we begin this series, is that changed lives begin with a call from God.  He is calling. Will you accept the call?