Better Together

The following messages are from the Better Together marriage experience weekend featuring special guest speaker, Chris Goins, from a2 Church in Birmingham, AL. Sessions 1-5 are from the Friday/Saturday conference (notes available for download). Session 6 is from the Sunday morning sermon.

Session 1 // The Story of Us
10/17/14, Pastor Chris Goins

In this opening session we explore Four Foundational Questions: What is the definition of marriage? What is the purpose of marriage? What is the power that sustains a great marriage? And, What was marriage designed to demonstrate?

Session 2 // Let It Go!
10/17/14, Pastor Chris Goins

Many things can derail a great marriage before it even truly has a chance to develop. In this session, we take a look at Four Pitfalls to Avoid and Four Realities of Relationships.

Session 3 // The Essential Every Relationshp Needs
10/18/14, Pastor Chris Goins

The bad news for marriage is that we are all broken people. The good news is that God's grace covers our sin. In this session, we take a look at Four Important Truths About Relationships.

Session 4 // You've Got A Friend in Me
10/18/14, Pastor Chris Goins

Friendship is truly an integral part of any great marriage. In this session, we explore Four Qualities of a Friend Who Goes The Distance and how to develop a vision for your marriage.

Session 5 // Finish Strong
10/18/14, Pastor Chris Goins

"It's not how you start in life, it's how you finish". In this session, we explore Four Options in Life and Relationships, and How to Reverse-Engineer Your Life and Relationships.

Session 6 // Stick With It! 
10/19/14, Pastor Chris Goins

In this final message, Chris shares Four Simple Actions that Can Make A Huge Difference for any relationship.